Making Centrepieces at Sun Harvest Greenhouses

Are you crafty? I’m not. But that didn’t stop me from booking a centrepiece class at Sun Harvest Greenhouses.

Just to clarify my crafting skill level, after I grab the pruners from the tool bin in the garage this morning I google image “pruners” to confirm I am on my way with the right tool in hand (I am!).

Each Christmas season, Sun Harvest Greenhouses hosts festive classes to help guests fill their homes with Christmas cheer. I was tipped off by a friend who thought this would be a fun activity to share with readers (she was right!).

This morning after a quick breakfast sandwich stop, my friend and I are on our way. Sun Harvest is just north of the 401 on Perth Road and we are there in no time.

When we arrive about 10 minutes early at 9:50, our stations are ready for us with all of the fixings that make a ‘touch of vintage’ centrepiece – leaves, christmas balls, hyacinth berries, wires, pinecones and a vase.

Alison introduces herself and gives us a heads up that she will be taking photos throughout the class to share on Facebook so to let her know if we’re camera shy. She also tells us that she’ll be coming around with fresh apple cider while we work. Delightful.

Lisa steps in to lead us to centrepiece greatness, encouraging us with every step. “That’s awesome! Maybe just turn this a little and make sure you fill in over there,” she gently suggests. Her guidance is needed and appreciated.

After about 35 minutes of step-by-step instructions, our centrepieces are complete and turn out pretty great. Both my friend and I are impressed with what we’ve done and we’re excited to put them on display at home.

Lisa and Alison walk around validating our hard work while snapping photos of us, “Amazing! That looks so good!” They are super sweet.

Honestly, this is not something I would typically do but I am glad I made the trip today. I believe the best way to grow is to step outside my comfort zone and I did that today!

Maybe this will be the beginning of many crafty Sundays?

Check out the progress step-by-step below.

If you’re not interested in making your own Christmas crafts, they have tons of wreaths and under festive crafts available for sale. 


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