Queen’s Homecoming. It means different things to different Kingstonians. Some roll their eyes at the chaos that is about to ensue, others can’t wait to cheer from the stands Saturday afternoon.

For the freshmen who have just settled into student life, the words “Queen’s Homecoming” mean lots of anticipation for what to expect from  the weekend that has made headlines around the world. Who remembers the infamous flipped car?

This list is for them. I reached out to a few Queen’s alumni for advice on how to approach this legendary weekend. From sentimental to down right practical, this list will tell you all you need to know for a homecoming you’ll never forget! And if you’re an alumni reading this, prepare for a walk down memory lane.

  1. DRINK….water. “Water is your best friend.”
  2. Make it memorable! “Approach it with your eyes wide open because you only get four (or five) while you’re in school.”
  3. Be smart. “I would suggest pacing the amount of alcohol consumed… It’s not a sprint it’s a marathon.” Speaking of alcohol, do not walk the streets with it.
  4. Embrace it. “Embrace the themes of the week… Queens has always had a great emphasis on dressing up and school spirit. You have to join in to fully understand.”
  5. Learn the Oil Thigh. This is important and keeps in the spirit of number four.
  6. GO TO THE FOOTBALL GAME “It’s a must. Walk there because the cheers along the way are a part of the experience. Bring a sign and be loud.”
  7. STAY AT THE FOOTBALL GAME: “A lot of students leave at half-time which doesn’t help the home field advantage! It used to always suck coming out of the locker room to an empty student section.”
  8. Bring layers. Tri-colour preferred. It gets chilly in those stands.
  9. Pick your lawn ahead of time! “Pick your Aberdeen lawn ahead of time! (If Aberdeen still even happens Haha) it’s the best way to experience the night from a known location and you’re not caught in the sea of traffic.”
  10. Respect the Police. “To avoid confrontation, drink on lawns and in houses — not on roads or sidewalks.”
  11. Respect the Alumni. “Respect Queen’s traditions and the Alumni, it is THEIR homecoming not the homecoming of current students.”
  12. Check for allergies. “Make sure you’re not allergic to face paint before the weekend starts!!”
  13. Brunch is key. Let’s face it, brunch is always key but especially this weekend. “There are too many good spots to not get up and enjoy a large caesar with a side of bacon. Tommy’s provides this even post-bar late night if you’re not an early riser.” Another suggestion that gets points for proximity, “Stooley’s on Division and Johnson.”
  14. Be Kind. “Be kind to the city that Queen’s resides in.” Kingston will give you great memories, so be kind to it and its residents.
  15. Happy Homecoming! Good luck, be safe and make memories!

Thank you for your insightful advice: Devan Sheahan, Janna Dolphin, Courtney Evans, Dee Sterling, Patrick Corbin and the one who wished to remain anonymous. 

Are you Queen’s alumni or someone who has participated in homecoming festivities? Share your advice in the comment section!


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