Why Casa is More than Pasta

Casa Domenico has been home to many girls nights. Located on Brock street, Casa’s diverse menu, fantastic cocktail and wine selection, friendly servers and low-key ambiance is a perfect spot to share a meal.

Most recently, I arrive early and wait at the bar for a friend and her many birthday guests. After an espresso rum shot to warm up and a glass of white (Appleby Sauvignon Blanc), everyone arrives and I can’t wait to get my hands on all the carbs.* Continue reading

Have you Heard of Juniper?

Juniper Café has been the  talk of the town lately and for good reason! This charming breakfast and lunch spot located in the Tett centre provides locally-sourced products and bakes a majority of their menu items fresh onsite. So you can understand why I couldn’t wait to stop in for lunch. Continue reading