Immerse Yourself in Peace and Quiet at Kingston’s West End Float Spa

Let me preface this post by sharing that I am terrible at floating in big bodies of water. I tend to tense up and don’t find it calming in the slightest. When Immerse Spa opened, the person in me who loves trying new health trends loved this concept and the other person in me who panics in deep water was not really down. I was conflicted. But the more I read about the health benefits, the more intrigued I was to give it a try.

If you haven’t heard of Immerse Spa (located on Gardiners road) yet, let me share a few details with you. First, it’s locally owned (#supportlocal), and the concept is that an hour floating in the 7 x 4 foot epsom salt bath dome will rejuvenate you to the equivalent of a 4-6 hour sleep and help melt away stress. It also helps detoxify the body, increases blood circulation and helps manage chronic pain, among other benefits. Sounds pretty good, right? I decided to take advantage of an opportunity to give it a try. Here, I share my experience with you. Continue reading

My Blissful Facial at the Annex Spa

My first experience at The Annex Spa is a successful one that leaves me relaxed and looking rested.the_annex_spaWhen I get an email notification for my 60 minute customized facial, I say to my husband, “what can she possibly do to my face for an entire hour?”

I have been invited by one of The Annex Spa’s aesthetician’s Heidi for a facial and I am pretty excited. Who doesn’t love a spa treatment? Continue reading

Kingston Christmas Gift Guide: For the Princess

‘Tis the season to hit the stores for all sorts of gifts – whether it be for kids, friends, colleagues or bosses – we’re all searching for the perfect present. Thoughtful but not trying and affordable but not cheap. What better way to celebrate Kingston’s wonderful local businesses than by allowing them help you finish your holiday shopping.

I’ve picked a few of my favourite places in town and listed them under categories for Christmas shopping inspiration.

This edition is for the friend who’s life motto is “treat yourself.” Treat them to a photo shoot, a trip to the spa, a hair appointment (who doesn’t love those scalp massages?) or a shiny new piece of locally-made jewelry.

See more local gift ideas!

Continue reading