Local Closet Organizer, Popped Closet, is Here For You

closet organizer

I’ve got a confession to make. I am a very messy person! I try on a bunch of different outfits before leaving the house and don’t put back the rejected blouses and skirts. My closet typically resembles some sort of clothes monster with unhung dresses and and trousers pooling on the floor. It’s not a great situation. But that all that changed this weekend! Is it too late in 2020 to use #newyearnewme? Closet organizer, Jocelyn, of Popped Closet came over and turned my closet into a space my mom would be proud of. Jocelyn is new to Kingston and she brings this magical skill of transforming cluttered spaces and turning them into soothing, organized, colour-coated dreams. And all without judgement. Just kindness, enthusiasm and efficiency. I can’t stress that enough!

Jocelyn showed me techniques on how to fold certain items in order to see everything I need at once. She categorized our clothes by type and by colour. For someone whose brain just does not work this way, she broke it down in an accessible manner and paved the way for future success. Plus, my closet looks meticulous now so I really don’t want to screw it up!

What I learned from Jocelyn is that I don’t need to live a minimal life a la Marie Kondo necessarily, I just need to find a specific space for everything that I do have. Naturally, I purged a nice chunk of my closet but I always thought closet organizing meant someone would be yanking my third pair of faux leather pants away from my white knuckled grip. It’s not! I’ve re-discovered a lot of clothing that was tucked away and it’s like a weight has been lifted knowing that everything now has a place.

How it works? Jocelyn came for a visit a couple of days before the big day to asses my space and plan what she needed to bring. And then she came prepared with a comforting, calm energy, hangers and closet organizing accessories to help me get my shit together. I sat with Jocelyn for most of the 3 hours it took to tackle my space but she encouraged me to leave her to it once we established what needed to be put back. She also stressed that she will follow up to see if the system is working — meaning I haven’t completely blown up her work — and she will help re-asses!

Jocelyn will tackle any space in your house – pantry, laundry room, nursery – whatever help you think you need! If you’re reading this and thinking “I need this in my life!” Head over to my instagram page this week to enter a contest for a chance to win your own service by Jocelyn!

For closet organization inspiration, check out her instagram page! She’s new to Kingston so let’s show Jocelyn how incredible our community is at supporting local, small businesses 🙂

popped closet - closet organizer
Game changer.


Closet by Popped Closet
Look how beautiful.

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