Learn from the Wilderness Pros at Maclachlan Woodworking Museum

Perhaps it’s just me, but if I were stuck in the middle of the woods with no resources, I would have a pretty rough time surviving. I am not proud of this fact! Luckily, Maclachlan Woodworking Museum is looking out for people like me as well as people with a stronger knowledge of wilderness survival that are interested in learning more. They are hosting an event called The Lumberjack, a Saturday (June 2) tailored to teaching outdoorsmen, outdoorswomen and those who want to be more familiar with the outdoors, how to hone their skills. I chatted with organizer Keely Maddock about the upcoming event.

“What we try to do is connect people with the outdoors and people with outdoor skills and experience. So, our workshop instructors are experts with wilderness experience, training, and, of course, really incredible stories! We hope that people come, participate, make friends, learn, and leave with a new appreciation for the outdoors,” says Maddock.

And when she says expert, she really means it. The survival skills workshop instructor spent 59 days on an expedition in Northern Ontario with no food. Just the land and his canine companion. That is Survivorman Level expertise.

The day will consist of three workshops as well as drop in classes. Maddock explains each class:

Bushcraft/Survival Skills: “You learn about different fire-building techniques and how to build the right fire for your purpose. I believe you also get to do some traditional fire-starting techniques.”

Coal Burn Bowls/Birch Bark Container Making: “For the bowls you learn how to only use wood and hot coals to completely make a bowl that’s waterproof and can be used in the woods. The birch bark containers are kind of self explanatory. Basically you make a container out of birch bark that you can use for storage.”

Collapsible Camping Chair: “You will learn how to make this easy-to-store chair to bring out with you when you camp. Or, [once you know how to make the chair] you can make one in the woods with just a hatchet!”

The drop in classes include: Hatchet throwing, crosscut sawing and a class to make paracord bracelets.

Tickets to The Lumberjack are $80 + hst. Go to https://www.woodworkingmuseum.ca/whats-on/events/the-lumberjack for details on how to sign up.



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