Q&A: Blue Canoe’s Artistic Director, Maddy Scovil


Kingstonians! Blue Canoe has a new production running at the Baby Grand until January 21. They will be performing musical comedy The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. If you’ve had a chance to see past performances by these very talented young actors then you already know that you’ve got to see this show. If not, I can tell you from experience that this group of young people are incredibly talented and I always enjoy seeing them on stage.

Artistic Director, Maddy Scovil, took the time to answer a few questions about Blue Canoe and the musical comedy.

Keep up with Kingston: What is your role at Blue Canoe Productions?

Maddy Scovil: I’m the Artistic Director of Blue Canoe Productions. I get to program and implement the projects that we create throughout the season. I also assist in teaching through our education programs.

KUWK: What do you love about being part of the Blue Canoe team?

MS: I love that I get to be a part of such a fantastic team while doing something that I am truly passionate about. I’m very lucky to be able to follow each of my passions in this role.

KUWK: How much time has your team put into preparing for Putnam?

MS: We began the audition process in September and have been happily working away at it until now. The time has felt like nothing and I’m incredibly proud of what we have created in that time even when competing with our cast and team members’ busy schedules.

KUWK: Why did Blue Canoe choose this show?

MS: Aside from the fact that this is an incredibly well written and touching show, it also tells a story that is meaningful and relatable for youth. The simple set and costumes required for the production allowed us to put great time and care into the few pieces that are essential for this show. The music is also very complex which allowed for a fun learning experience for our actors.

KUWK: What most excites you about this performance?

MS: I have loved every minute of working with this wonderful cast. This is a very talented group of young people and I’m most excited for everyone to get to know and love the characters that they have created.

KUWK: Why do you think it’s important for Kingston to have access to Blue Canoe performances like the The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee?

MS: I think that it’s important for Kingston audiences to see what the youth of this city are capable of. Shows like this one are amazing for showcasing local talent. They also allow us the opportunity to communicate messages that matter to us in an enjoyable and engaging way.

Quote- Maddy
KUWK: And why do you think it’s important for these young local actors to be involved in these Blue Canoe productions/ the theatre community?

MS: I feel a lot of pride for the opportunities that we provide for our actors. We work hard to ensure that the process is both enjoyable and professional. Our actors are given a safe space where they can explore theatre and get a sense of the wonderful community that it builds.

KUWK: Anything else you would like to add about Blue Canoe/the show?

MS: I encourage anyone who enjoys the show to also check out our education programming and to come to the launch of our Juvenis Festival on February 1st!


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