Q&A With A Passage to Bollywood Director Ashley Lobo

Stage musical A Passage to Bollywood will be coming to The Grand Theatre on November 25. This vibrant show has traveled all over the world from China and Germany to Turkey, South Africa, US, Bahrain and Israel. Award winning director and choreographer Ashley Lobo took some time to answer some of my questions about show. Read below to learn about A Passage to Bollywood.

Keep up with Kingston: I read that you moved back to India in 1998, what brought you back?
Ashley Lobo: I left India for Australia because I wanted to train in international dance as there was no formal education system for it in India. I went back to India in ’98 because I thought it was important to start up a dance school so others could have the opportunity that I did not have.

KUWK: What do you love most about the dance scene in India?
AL: The dance scene in India right now is poised in a very interesting place. In the international format there is an awareness that is growing. In the Indian dance styles the audiences are growing and also international audiences are growing.

KUWK: What most excites you about this show?
AL: This is a fun show. It’s like a typical Bollywood film full of music and dance. It’s both real and surreal and melodramatic yet so real.

KUWK: Will this be your first time in Kingston’s Grand Theatre?
AL: Yes

KUWK: Considering you’ve traveled the world with this show, why do you think it’s important to bring it to Kingston, Ontario?
AL: I think the show is a human story. It could be relatable to anyone’s life. In the end, we are all the same. I am sure Kingston, like most of Canada, has a happy mix of people. I feel everyone will connect with the show in some way.

KUWK: What do you like about bringing this show to places in North America?
AL: The story is a human story. It’s relatable to a cross section of people. Further, there is a large group of people of Indian origin here in North America. It would be nice to get them in touch with India again in some way.

KUWK: What can the audience expect?
AL: The audiences can expect to go on a rollercoaster ride of emotion and drama. Plenty of songs and dance. Fun and colour.

KUWK: Anything you would like to add about A Passage to Bollywood?
AL: Audiences around the world have connected with it. It’s a fun show with a twist in the end. They have danced in the auditorium and I am really looking forward to meeting a lot of Canadian people. I am keen on seeing how the audiences in Canada are going to respond.

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