Escape The Mayan Temple With Improbable’s Latest Game

Snakes, jaguars and fish – oh my! I was recently invited by Improbable Escapes Kingston to try out their brand new game Legend of the Mayan Temple.

Escape Room games are perfect team building exercises so I brought a few of my work colleagues along to join in the fun. If you’re unfamiliar with escape rooms, the concept is that you are locked in a room with various puzzles that you solve to escape. You typically have an hour to escape. It’s a great way to test your noggin’, communication skills and patience — plus it’s very validating when you solve a puzzle!

This particular escape room has only been beta tested before so the percentage for escaping is about 25% but we are up to the challenge. Eight of us arrive ready to go in athletic wear (comfy clothes are key because there are physical aspects to the game – I suggest moveable denim, leggings or track pants as well as practical shoes).

The team at Improbable has been working on the production of Legend of the Mayan Temple for just under a year and it’s clear in the details of this game. As soon as we walk in the room everyone let out a “Woooooow!” There is so much to look at between the moss covered ceilings, grass floors, woodwork and plethora of puzzles to solve!

With all of the intricate tech, the construction and the puzzles this is by far one of my favourite games created by Improbable. After we’ve had the game explained to us, the background noise begins and it sounds like we’ve stepped into a Rainforest – birds chirping, snakes slithering and monkey’s babbling.

I can’t give anything away to future escapers — but I can say that the game was filled with plenty of high fives after each conquered puzzle, climbing, crawling and a few frustrated rants. I recommend bringing a group of 4-6 people (less or more would be too difficult to get through in time).


Difficulty: I would say this is one of the harder games I’ve done by Improbable. Puzzles are layered and need all of the brain power! Though there are multiple puzzles that can be done at the same time, I suggest not getting too far ahead of your group to solve each one.

Use your hints: Don’t let yourself get stuck for too long – an hour goes by quickly – the three hints are there for a reason, use them!

New feature: There are bonus puzzles that will give you bonus points if you can solve them which is a fun new addition!


One thought on “Escape The Mayan Temple With Improbable’s Latest Game

  1. We took our friends and kids to enjoy some adventurous escape room for the first time and we had a great time!
    The rate of escape rooms is now growing as of late with more and more creative rooms coming up each month.
    We used to find one nearby.
    Escape rooms are now adapting to a wide variety of crowds from kids to elderly.


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