Set Sail with a Cocktail on the Island Queen

1000 Island Cruises is really soaking up these last summer nights with a sunset cocktail cruise that is typically offered to companies as a private event. They invited a bunch of avid Instagrammers and bloggers to set sail Wednesday night and take in the beautiful night sky aboard the Island Queen.

I have to admit that I’ve never been on the Island Queen, it seems like something reserved for true tourists of the limestone city but it’s a real treat identifying Kingston’s architectural gems from a fresh perspective on the water.

We boarded at about 7:10 and were handed a signature cocktail upon boarding and as soon as we walked upstairs the sun was already beginning to set. The boat glided along westbound toward the Juniper Cafe and the Kingston Penitentiary before stopping at Fort Henry so passengers could enjoy the fireworks from The Sunset Ceremony – that was a nice touch!

If you enjoy being on the water, and sunset views I think you would enjoy this experience. Don’t come hungry as they do hand out appetizers but not enough to fill an empty stomach. And prepare to tie up your dancing shoes if you’re so inclined as the first level of the boat blasts Top 40 music that will have anyone who appreciates a booty shake up and moving. And bring a light jacket or sweater because it’s chilly on the water.

This is a fun date night activity or an excuse to dress up with your friends and take in the pretty Kingston views.

The next cruise is Friday, September 22 and you save $20 off of the original $49 ticket with the code: YGKSUNSET22.


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